Lead Abatement

Used in products ranging from paints to motor fuels to piping and solder, lead is a dangerous poison. Building up in the body, it has been proven to damage the kidneys, the digestive system, the reproductive system, and other vital organs. Even at low levels, it can impair hearing, learning ability, and coordination, particularly in young children.

Lead Abatement

Our certified, experienced personnel use the latest proven systems and technology to assess the extent of your lead problem, devise an effective solution, and execute a program that brings you into compliance with federal and local regulations.

Get more information on lead from the Environmental Protection Agency.


A variety of techniques are available, including abrasion, heat scraping, and chemical and mechanical removal. Each incorporates special controls to guard against the spread of lead dust or fumes during the process. Disposal is accomplished in full accordance with all applicable regulations.


In some cases, stabilization provides an equally effective and less costly alternative to removal. Encapsulating coatings are available for both interior and exterior surfaces. They provide high resistance to weathering, vapor transmission, abrasion, and fire.


After stripping operations, ACM Services repaints surfaces and replaces any removed lead-painted components like doors, windows, and casework. This provides a one-contract turnkey operation.


  • Lead Paint Removal
  • Stabilization
  • Encapsulation
  • Media Blasting
  • Demolition
  • Testing and Design