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The "greenest" option for every environmentally
minded business:

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  • Soy print is Made in the USA - TAA compliant product for GSA contracts.
  • Every pound of soy print toner manufactured, saves 2 liters of petroleum.
  • Price is comparable to OEM petroleum based toner cartridges.
  • Print quality is comparable to OEM.
  • Print yield is comparable to OEM.
  • Soy oil is used in the toner formula - a fully renewable, non-petroleum resource.
  • At least 90% of all soybeans are fed to livestock AFTER extracting the oil.
  • Soybeans are not a staple crop - there is no threat to the human food supply.
  • Recycled virgin OEM cores are used - reduced landfill waste.

See our product price comparison below to see how you can save money and print green.

That is a small sample of the large selection of Soyprint laser toner cartridges that we carry. Shop our store today to see how you can print green instead of black.


BREAKTHROUGH: Soy Toner Replacing millions of pounds of Oil Toner in Laser Printers

Our supplier Soyprint announces an environmental breakthrough in office printing for businesses, schools and colleges. They are the first company to offer laser printer cartridges using toner powder derived from soybeans. Laser cartridges will be supplied by our supplier under the SoyPrint™ brand at prices comparable to brand name, oil-based versions currently available. While soy ink has been available for some time, this is the first time a soy-based option has been available in laser cartridges.

Industry leaders report it takes about 2 liters of oil to make the one pound of toner powder required for each oil-based cartridge. Currently, U.S. businesses, institutions and governmental bodies consume more than 100 million cartridges per year. That equates to 100 million pounds or 50,000 tons of material we currently use petroleum to produce. Now every office has a choice - they can print black or they can print "green". Shop our complete line of BioBased Soy Toner today, and go green.

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SoyPrint the "greenest" option for every environmentally minded business.

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